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The simple, yet underestimated, importance of proper capitalization.

Establishing a more personal relationship with customers or clients in an environment that’s becoming less personal by the hour is difficult work for any business. The rise of automated e-mails and other communication methods makes a command over communicating proper intent as well as content more important than ever.

An easy way of making customers feel like they are more than a few cells of a spreadsheet is paying extra attention to the smaller details. One of the most overlooked yet underappreciated details when communicating through text is the use of capitals.

Whether it’s a personal e-mail from a close friend or a Nigerian Prince that needs to borrow a buck, being referred to as ‘JOHN’ rather than ‘John’ comes off as impersonal if not rude. For businesses, even when using e-mails sent out automatically, this oversight can make or break customer relationships simply due to the fact that few people like being yelled at. Making sure that personal and business names are properly input into databases is an extremely simple, yet extraordinarily effective way of establishing and maintaining closer relationships with your customers, even if you are using robots to contact them.

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